Why Do Startups Need Managed IT Services?

We understand that the first chapter in a new business is often a difficult one. As the most critical period in your start-up’s development, there’s a lot to account for to make sure you spend money wisely, make the right investments, and develop an optimal foundation for your new business.

The bottom line is that trying to get a startup off the ground isn’t easy. There’s a lot to manage at once, all of which has one thing in common: it costs money.

One of the most costly considerations is IT. Where at one point your technology needs may have been basic, in the modern business world, it’s not so likely anymore. From the very start, a business that’s in it for the long haul needs to take considerations like IT management and security seriously.

Do you have someone to help with that?

What Will DeVeera Do For Your Startup?

Our team understands the IT requirements and obstacles facing businesses at your stage, and we’re here to help you deploy your IT infrastructure. By outsourcing your IT concerns to a single capable provider, you’ll get access to a range of IT solutions, including:

  • Managed IT Services:

    Remotely monitoring and managing your servers, network devices, and endpoints

  • Cloud Services:

    Providing security, integration, and a seamless work environment

  • Backup & Recovery:

    Maintaining data integrity and availability regardless of the situation

  • Data Security Services:

    Stay safe with firewall and intrusion protection

  • VoIP Phone Systems:

    Internet-based, fully-functioning business phone solutions that help save money and stay connected

  • Hardware & Software Support:

    Comprehensive support for your servers, workstations, and software.

  • Wireless Networking:

    Keep your staff and visiting clients connected to highly available, convenient and secure WiFi networks.

  • Compliance and Certification:

    Harness our expertise in managing your compliance and certifications, making sure you’re not at risk of noncompliance fines.

  • Mobile Device Management:

    Integrate the convenience and mobility of smartphones and tablets into your work culture without compromising your data security.

  • Low Voltage Cabling:

    Our team will design, install and manage any low-voltage cabling projects as needed, making sure they are properly organized and neatly maintained.

Don’t let you IT be an obstacle to your business’ launch – delegate it to the DeVeera team so you can focus on doing what you do best.