Leverage Microsoft Teams to Boost Remote Collaboration

Creating a secure and robust communications infrastructure doesn’t have to be complicated. When you leverage Microsoft Teams, you’re helping bring teams and customers closer together. 

Built with the modern workplace in mind, Microsoft Teams was introduced in 2017 as a communications alternative to other popular business chat software solutions. The easy integrations with other Microsoft Office 365 products have quickly made Microsoft Teams one of the most popular collaboration tools for organizations. Boasting a current user base of over 13 million active usersMicrosoft Teams provides added value to organizations that are already using Microsoft Office 365 as there is no additional cost to utilize the platform. Team collaboration is a timely topic in a world full of turmoil over the current COVID-19 pandemic, making it more critical than ever to provide individuals with a way to stay connected while working remotely.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Microsoft Teams

If you’re not familiar with the platform, Microsoft Teams includes many of the same features and functionality of other corporate instant communication tools such as Slack but with a few bonuses.

Microsoft Teams includes:

  • Secure and reliable chat, video and audio communication platform
  • Enterprise-level security, compliance and manageability based on Azure Active Directory
  • SharePoint Online site for each Team that allows for secure storage of team files via a document library
  • Shared mailbox and calendar via Microsoft Exchange
  • OneNote notebook for Team member collaboration
  • Wide range of third-party add-ons and bots to extend the functionality of Teams

Microsoft Teams information can be accessed offline when you have spotty network coverage, too.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Remote Collaboration

Sharing documents between individuals and teams have been rife with problems in the past, with everything from version control to security issues causing teams to develop their workarounds to more secure sharing methods. With Microsoft Teams and the deep integration with the full Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications, you can be confident that your team members can quickly and easily collaborate. At the same time, security is managed at the individual user login level. This protects against accidentally sharing documents or details outside the necessary groups, a boon for auditing and compliance requirements.

Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to collaboration, Microsoft Teams offers a variety of configurations to help your professionals efficiently stay in touch. Utilize Teams as the hub for conversations that are happening across groups, while still having access to company-wide messaging with Yammer, file storage with OneDrive for Business, scheduling with Outlook and asset management with SharePoint. Microsoft Teams also includes broader communication options such as the ability to message individuals with similar job roles with an @mention, priority alert notifications, announcement messages within Teams chat, channel cross-posting features and more.

Creating a flexible and extensible option for secure communications has long been a challenge for organizations, which is why Teams have been so enthusiastically accepted within the broader business culture. Learn more about how Microsoft Teams can be used to boost remote collaboration during the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond when you contact the professionals at DeVeera at 831-240-4703 or via email to help@deveera.com to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. We work with organizations of all sizes to ensure you have the tools and information needed to create a secure and reliable IT infrastructure that will support business growth over time.