What Does HIPAA Compliance for Dental Practices Look Like?

Discover how to stay in step with and even exceed HIPAA guidelines to keep patient data safe and secure with the help of a HIPAA-compliant IT service provider.  

If your dental office uses email or an app to send claims, claim status inquiries, eligibility requests, treatment authorization requests or pre-determinations, you will need to comply with HIPAA regulations. At the same time, it’s important to realize that HIPAA compliance, on its own, isn’t enough to protect valuable patient data. Cybercriminals know how valuable patient information is and so are willing to try out a variety of attacks to breach your storage system.

Following are some important steps to take to stay in step with HIPAA guidelines and prevent damaging cyberattacks from endangering those you care for:

  • Keep patient data encrypted at all times. Storing data on a secure cloud storage provider is a good start. However, bear in mind you’ll also need to make sure your data is encrypted as it is copied or moved to and from the server.
  • Keep offline backups of all patient data. This data must be encrypted and stored in safe locations.
  • Never send patient information via email, text, or using another electronic device. Set up a secure system for transferring information and provide training to your staff members, so they know how to use the secure communications system
  • Restrict access to patient data. The more people have access to the data, the higher the odds are that someone will make a mistake that leaves the data vulnerable to a breach.
  • Use a high-quality firewall that blocks unauthorized access and filters internet traffic to weed out viruses, Trojans, worms, and other forms of malware.

Working with an IT Managed Service Provider

HIPAA doesn’t obligate dentists to work with IT managed service providers but doing so is a good idea. HIPAA-compliant managed service providers employ technicians who are not only experts in their field but are also familiar with HIPAA guidelines and requirements. A good IT service provider offers top-tier IT hardware and software, encryption solutions, cloud storage solutions, ongoing employee training, network monitoring and maintenance, and other services to ensure your patient data is secure yet easily accessible to those who need to access it.

Deveera specializes in working with medical facilities in and around the San Francisco area. We provide proactive IT maintenance and offer real-time answers and solutions to IT challenges and issues you may face. We use advanced cybersecurity measures to protect your valuable data while offering reasonably-priced plans to suit your budget. Get in touch to learn more or to make an appointment with our HIPAA-compliant IT experts at your convenience.